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The ability for businesses in the infrastructure sector to win work is heavily influenced by their reputation. Pre-request for proposal or award, much due-diligence is done online. When reputation can be tarnished in seconds by a disgruntled employee, campaign group, competitor or member of the public it is crucial to manage your existing reputation and respond decisively in a reputation crisis.

High profile infrastructure projects gain attention from the media and therefore businesses involved are under intense scrutiny from the beginning. Campaign groups and environmentalists are quick to voice concerns and troubled or failed projects are made public very quickly.

Whether your business is the source of a project related issue or not, controversy around a it could lead to misrepresentation of your work, policies or views.

Reputation management also starts and can end with an employer’s workforce. Your employees can not only be key in managing and enhancing your reputation, but they can also be the creators of the problems that impact a business’ reputation.

Companies need to think through measures (contractual, ethical, policy driven etc) that they should take and have in place to mitigate against any reputational damages from employees or ex-employees.

And when a crisis arises, employers should  consider which of its employees should take control of the issue and manage the process going forward.

Equally, it should be recognised that when companies get management of their reputation wrong, this can impact their ability to attract and retain the best talent.  Increasingly, reputational issues are being seen as key to those looking to move jobs.

Depending on the scale of your project, it is likely there will be a long and complicated supply chain. It is impossible to manage all the moving parts. A reputational crisis with an associated business in the chain could impact your reputation indirectly and mismanaging this could cause your business to suffer.

Our Tier 1 practice is involved in some of the world’s largest and most ambitious infrastructure projects. Through being embedded in the sector, we know where your business is likely to be exposed to reputation risk and how to mitigate it.

We have expertise across the infrastructure lifecycle, including dispute resolution so we are experts in making sure you are in the best negotiating position, whatever the source of the issue.

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Richard Laudy

Head of Infrastructure
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