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A reputation crisis is business as usual for us. We know how corporates work. We know our sectors. We understand the digital drivers through our Tier 1 technology practice. We can field experts in the full spectrum of reputation risks.

In an increasingly connected world, businesses are under intense pressure to prepare, pre-empt and manage the multitude of risks which could, if miscalculated, undermine their value and threaten their very survival.

Reputation risk is now recognised as a discipline like balance sheet risk and regulatory risk. Market analysts will assess the value of a business by reference to how they prepare for and respond to threats to reputation. In the wake of an incident, poor preparation and slow response can damage reputation beyond repair.


Our solution

Reputation Management packages a range of services Pinsent Masons offers. Through understanding our clients’ sectors and the spectrum of reputation risks, we help businesses implement effective strategies to defend their reputation before, during and after a crisis.

We can help you deal with the unpredictable, and use legal leverage to ensure a threat is either removed completely or ameliorated.

As reputation challenges become increasingly common, surviving a crisis relatively unscathed can even be a benefit; companies can appear robust, strong, well run, responsive, and flexible. Contact one of our experts.

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